Die besten deutschen Kreditkarten für Ihre Bedürfnisse

VISA- und MasterCard-Kreditkarten werden in Deutschland am häufigsten akzeptiert. American Express wird auch in großen Ketten akzeptiert, aber nicht in jedem Geschäft.


N26 is a newcomer in Germany. As part of the so-called FinTech industry, it aims to digitalise your banking completely. Another selling-point: the online-banking is in English.

N26’s Mastercard offers everything that a normal Mastercard offers, but it is integrated into the convenient N26 app. Additionally, you can request a free Maestro card. N26 also provides free Mastercard payments and cash withdrawals.

  • Supports Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Free German bank account in English language included
  • No monthly or yearly account fees
  • Free Mastercard debit card