Die besten deutschen Kreditkarten für Ihre Bedürfnisse

VISA- und MasterCard-Kreditkarten werden in Deutschland am häufigsten akzeptiert. American Express wird auch in großen Ketten akzeptiert, aber nicht in jedem Geschäft.


This German credit card is a prepaid Mastercard. That means it’s a credit card on prepaid basis, that can be used at any Mastercard points of acceptance. With the Black&White Prepaid Mastercard you pay as you go.

Registering for the Black&White Prepaid Mastercard is easy and only takes 3 minutes. You can purchase it online by clicking the red button Jetzt bestellen. There is no need for a SCHUFA check or a salary statement. After registration, the Black&White Prepaid Mastercard will be sent to you via post within 1-2 days. Then, it only takes a few seconds to activate the card and you can use it as soon as it arrives. This German credit card is valid for 3 years.